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Winchester city flyers

We had the pleasure of watching Winchester City flyers over the weekend so we could see our soon to be completed pavilion in action.

The pavilion will provide six changing rooms for the Flyers in Winter and Cricket matches in summer. There will be public toilets near the pitch so flustered parents can spend a penny (no doubt a big rush getting the girls to the match early on Saturday mornings) these will be fully accessible to all.

On the first floor will be a café with an amazing terrace for viewing the matches. This will double up as a function space for the local community for birthday parties and general hire, it will be a great venue for sure.

Our client is Milestone Group on behalf of Winchester City Council

Oh and lets not forget there's some resident Sheep and Geese in the neighbouring allotment for fans of farm animals. Finally there is a top secret Blackberry bush on route to the Pavilion, which we plan to raid next year when its all opened up again.




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