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POW architects view the practice of architecture through a wide-angle lens. Understanding – and being active across – the full project spectrum, from pre-concept to post-completion, helps us make architecture and buildings, better. We are equally adept at working in close-up, engaging with the specific challenges that each aspect of the process presents.

We are an established small studio with a big-practice expertise and mindset. Our office is a place for trading intelligence and experience. By fostering an atmosphere of sustained learning, we build on our successes and keep improving through research and innovation.

We enjoy buildings which are elegant as much for the way they are put together as for the way they are drawn. We achieve this by adopting a practical perspective, applying smart technical thinking in a purposeful way to deliver great buildings for our clients.

We sit on your side of the table. We value partnership and co-operation, and approach every project as a shared adventure. Such adventures thrive on honest exchange, and for this reason POW directors are closely involved throughout. We are available, answerable and aim to make your life as simple as possible

We provide unparalleled customer service and create long lasting relationships which benefit both parties involved in the process of design and construction of buildings. 

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what we do

POW Architects specialise in providing detailed working drawings for procurement and construction to large housing developers, small house builders and boutique construction companies.

See how we can help on your projects below 

Design Teams 

We lead your design team to help produce their packages, ensuring Civil and Structural engineers, Landscape designers and Utilities providers are all considered for the site layouts.

Design Studio
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Stressed Technical Managers

Our experienced team will put together a solid pack of working drawings, that can be used to price the works, build the works and for any third party sign off from your partners. We can either work within your standard detail sets or produce a new set to suit the site requirements and to ease the burden on your technical team. 

Supply Chain 

We work together with your supply chain to ensure that their designs are fully co-ordinated and are ready to go when the site calls them off. From Lintel schedules to wardrobe designs we will make sure the site goes as planned.

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Warranty Providers

We work with you warranty providers to ensure that all details are approved, the layouts work effectively and when it comes to CML there are no nasty last minute surprises.


  • Working drawing packs

  • Value Engineering

  • Scheme Optimisation

  • Design team co-ordination (Civil/Structural engineers, Mechanical/electrical/Plumbing, SAPS, Part 0 etc)

  • Specialist supplier co-ordination (Smoke Control, Lifts, Car park ventilation, etc )

  • Supplier co-ordination

  • Discharging Warranty Provider conditions (NHBC, Premier etc)

  • Co-ordinating waterproofing/tanking specialist designers


new homes 


14 years

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Mark Owen co-founded POW Architects and leads business development and customer care for the studio. He combines extensive knowledge in the construction and delivery of complex buildings with our core beliefs of providing exemplary customer service whilst continually learning from our projects.

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Gareth Pywell co-founded POW Architects and leads quality assurance and health and safety within the studio. His keen eye for detail on all stages of a project proves invaluable in assuring the delivery of quality output for the practice. 

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Fernando Barcelo brings a wide range of experience to our studio and is intrinsic in coordinating projects at all stages to ensure there smooth delivery. A keen artist he can also put together some fantastic hand renderings. You also need to ask to see his yearly Nativity Scenes, the most recent was a superb model of  Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. See his Instagram here

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