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One from the Archive

A project from the archive, which was a great one to work on. The brief required a commercially sound redevelopment of the small site in Olympia coupled with high-end architecture that the client wanted to develop throughout his growing portfolio. This as it turned out this meant amongst other items a fish tank in every property.

The site was a scruffy garage on the corner of a mews and Townhouse in London’s Olympia. It has existing access to a basement on an adjacent property that we had to retain and negotiate party walls awards around. Planning was achieved over a short period of 6 months so a good result.

A split contract with specialist basement contractor doing the grunt work on the groundwork's, underpinning and waterproofing before a separate contractor completed the superstructure and fit out. Including a cantilevered glass staircase, with the fish-tank acting as a dividing screen in the kitchen area.

POW Architects provided Feasibility, Planning, Tender and Construction drawings for the project and we think it looks great, coupled with a tidy profit for the developer then all involved were happy. If you have a similar interesting project, then please get in touch to see how we can help.




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