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Groveway, oval

We have moved on to pastures new away from our sunny Oval home of six years, but whilst working on some information for the upcoming sale of this property for our client I thought it was an interesting one to share.

Groveway in Oval, London is a grand street of imposing 4/5 storey Georgian Townhouses. Our site once housed a similar grand townhouse, but was bombed in the war and lay vacant until the 1960's when it was developed into a two storey house, a missed opportunity you could argue but planning policy has changed alot since then.

Our client purchased the site and we set about getting planning permission to remove the smaller dwelling and add back a more suitably scaled development. The proposal houses 4 number apartments, a 1 bed, 2 x 2 beds and a 3 bed, in line with local planning policy and housing need.

Planning was achieved last year and the site is being sold on to another lucky developer to make some stunning homes in SW9 . Get in touch if you are interested and we can pass on your details to the client.




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