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20  /   04   /   2020

We've been around now for 10 years now, a fateful day in 2010 with the recession looming over us when Gareth suggested to Mark that we could probably do this on our own and we have not looked back since. 

There has been over 30 POWettes, we have worked on over 200 projects and delivered thousands of homes for people all over the country, so a big thank you in order of appearance goes to the following

Tom Selby, Siwan Ifan, Gerrard Ferrand, Christian Gonsalves, Steve Foster, Ronan O'Brian, Dave Creegan, Paula Fernandez, Alex Nunez, Conor Lawless, Damien Cobey, Sarah Louise Smith, Penny Maragkoukaki, Cherry Baillie, Alberto Medina Garrido, Valentine Dobre, Cristina Militaru, Bryan Cahill, Fernando Barcelo, Michail Tsironis, Marion Crane,  Jamie Beard, Yuliya Lapshyna, Matthew Poore, Sarah Al Abed, Amanda Galvao, Sam Seccombe, Eleni Bourou, Javier Marcos

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