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stockbridge road,


01   /   08   /   2017

The client a professional couple acquired this modest terrace house as a project to complete themselves in the picturesque city of Winchester. Built in the 1870’s as Railway cottages for the nearby station the property had not been renovated since the 1980’s. The brief required a sense of space and high quality natural light together with a contemporary yet sympathetic palate of materials.

Our proposals include a small side extension that allowed the kitchen and dining spaces to be swapped so that the latter faced onto the landscaped garden along with a double height space to give a sense of scale and allow a panoramic view of the sky. The cellular rooms have been designed out in favour of an open plan layout which allow views through the full length of the house. The energy efficiency of the house was also upgraded using external render to the rear and reinforcing the air tightness of the existing fabric.

Wherever possible the existing materials on the site were reused and re-purposed, an example being the old floor joists have now been treated and are used to form benches in the garden. The end result is a richly textured modern light home with its roots firmly linked to the houses original history

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