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Octavius house, 



As part of our long-term framework with Crest Nicholson we were tasked with taking this elegant planning design for a three block apartment building from working drawing stage through to completion.


Initially we were tasked with reviewing the apartment layouts and better optimising the base planning design to give more repeat flat layouts, in turn we then rationalised the types of bathrooms and kitchens to reduce the number of variations of layout across the three blocks. Making the building simpler to build.


This exercise was carried out at the same time as integrating the specialist smoke clearance design for extended corridors and integrating both sprinkler designs and firefighting lift into the scheme.


During this design process stringent new fire regulations were introduced which we integrated into the façade design, exploring multiple variations of materials to pass the regulations whilst investigating new and emerging technologies to ensure the façade was entirely non-combustible and in accordance with the regulations.


We also designed an ingenious roof access for the uppermost roof, integrating cat ladders and drop down ladders into the lift core, meant that we gained additional lettable area in the top of the building which in turn meant duplex penthouses were larger and could benefit from full panoramic views over the city beyond and ultimately achieve higher sales values.

During construction of the RC frame, we reviewed detailed designs of twin wall construction used in stair and lift cores to speed up construction and thanks to a detailed Revit model co-ordinated at design stage there were no reported issues on site with the frame, soil and rainwater pipes all worked seamlessly as planned.


An important part of schemes like this is being able to provide both a building regulations approval and a warranty for the eventual homeowners. We worked closely with the warranty provider to provide detailed information on a series of items that could have effected their warranty and we got these signed off in advance of handover.


Another unsung part of the construction process is the review of supplier, sub-contractor and specialist designers information, items such as Brick support, Lintels, Kitchens, Stonework, etc etc all go unnoticed in the finished job, we held supplier workshop days where key overlapping trades would meet to discuss how best to resolve any issues between adjoining items

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