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Lowther road, barnes

05 /   02   /   2024


This project falls into to category of labour of love and ties in nicely with how we like to approach projects. We very much want you to enjoy the ride and be there for you throughout the project. For this beautiful house we were part of the journey that involved buying the home though to occupying it with a small family of children, the brief changed many many times along the way.

We met the client in 2015 and their brief was to design and build a high-quality home, something that everyone involved would be proud of. Which is a pretty good brief.

To get planning for demolishing the existing dilapidated home and building a newer larger property meant taking alternative approaches to allow the local authority to grant permission. The local authority had policies that differed to the national ones, so we commissioned consultants to mitigate the need for affordable housing contributions.

Working with several international design practices for the interiors we collated a detailed tender pack for delivery of the project and sought tenders for the work, eventually the client commissioned M H Costa to build their home.

We then worked closely with the client and contractor to consider and implement a series of value engineering exercises to keep the project on budget and on programme.


One of these was to pile the basement (300 diameter piles, with 150mm Gunnite covering to aid waterproofing design), then construct the ground floor slab and ground beams, with a series of temporary piles. This then allowed the steel frame to be erected above, whilst the basement was being excavated below saving several months on the programme.

The overall time on site was 18 months and through working with a detail orientated client and contractor the high-quality home that the pictures show was delivered on the original tender quote.

This was an amazing project to work on, one day we would be working with an AV consultant, the next a cast stonework supplier, the day after helping source the right materials for blinds. The result is a calm and beautiful home for a great family.

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