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cOOKHAM DEAN, Berkshire

01  /   02   /   2016

Our design skill created a substantial modern home on this green belt site, utilising intelligent interpretation of the National and Local planning policy and a creative use of the scale of the existing buildings on the site.

The site housed a modest bungalow and several small outbuildings. Working with the local authority we developed a strategy that allowed us to demolish the existing bungalow and create a new four-bedroom home with fifty percent increase in floor area above ground, whilst maintaining the openness of the Green belt. We also integrated a substantial subterranean living space.

A narrow plan and full height windows at ground floor overlook the river Thames to the north and an enclosed kitchen garden to the south for the client, a keen Gardner and chef, all bedrooms have large balconies. The overall impression is of a much larger house due to our creative and intelligent use of space and light.

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