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sevenoaks, spray foam insulation

Our project in Sevenoaks is moving on with the installations of the spray foam insulation to the roof space. This maximises space and allows the client to gain extra headroom in the loft space. The houses is situated on a main road and as such we have designed the ventilation of the house so windows can remain closed. So we need to get smart with the specification of the insulation.

Coupled with the spray insulation is Tyvek AirGuard Smart, which is a pretty clever VCL and airtightness layer. Just like a breathable roof membrane it lets moisture that gets in get out, this Smart stuff lets trapped moisture from wet rafters etc. get out through the plasterboard. Useful for retrofit where you have an non-breathable membrane on the outside but a damp/wet structure.

The space shown below will also have a glazed walkway and glass feature stair, about to go into manufacture so we will see if we can get some fabrication photos to post here soon.




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